ERO with E-learning and 1 day practice

  • Practice day 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • klassikaal & e-learning
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Do you have personnel working for you? Than the Working Conditions Act obligates you to have at least one Emergency Response Officer (ERO) present in your company. The ERO is responsible for extinguishing a starting fire, providing first aid and supervising an evacuation.

What do you learn during the course ERO – E-learning with practice day?
You will go over the theory in your own time at your own pace via the E-learning. The practical skills will be taught during the practice day.
During the course we will guide you through various subjects. You can think of:

First Aid

  • Alerting the CERT and the general aid rules
  • Resuscitation and use of an AED
  • External wounds: burns, eye injuries, bruises and sprains, broken bones, dislocations and spine injuries

  • Firefighting and Evacuation
    • Fire and the risks of fire
    • The ERO’s task in case of a fire
    • The ERO’s task in case of an evacuation
    • Preparing an evacuation
    How does the E-learning work? Three weeks before your practice day you will receive a log in code for the E-learning program and you can start immediately with your online study. We maken the theory understandable and interesting by using different images and some practice tests. You can follow the E-learning in your own time at your own pace. As soon as you have finished the E-learning program, you can join the practice day.

    What others say “Although it is obligated, I do find it pleasant as an employer to guarantee the safety of our customers and employees with a well trained Company Emergency Response Team (CERT).”


ERO with E-learning by SBN

General aid rules
The ERO’s tasks
Providing First Aid
Resuscitation and use of an AED
Preparing an evacuation

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ERO with E-learning and 1 day practice

For whom

Everyone who has to be able to act in case of a calamity and who has never had an ERO education before

Admission requirement

No preliminary training required


Final exam in E-learning program and on the practice day:
Theory exam First Aid
Theory exam Firefighting and Evacuation
Practice exam


NIBHV Certificate First Aid
NIBHV Certificate Firefighting and Evacuation


You will follow the E-learning in your own time at your own pace
After the E-learning you take part in a practice day which is from 9 AM to 5 PM

Tuition fee

The price is on request and prices are including E-learning, examination fee and certification, VAT-excluded


One year, you can extend the validity by doing the ERO Refresh course


This training is only available as an Incompany training

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